End Grain Is The Best Grain

I've been making cutting boards for a few years now, but I only recently started making end grain cutting boards. Sure, the face grain boards I've made over the years look great, but the strength and aesthetic qualities of end grain make me never want to do it any other way, ever again. Let's have a look at the difference...

This is a face grain cutting board.

Pretty nice, but check these out...

Now, there's nothing at all wrong with face grain cutting boards! You put food on them, you cut it, and everything works - no revelation there. However, end grain cutting boards will last longer. Here's why...

The wood fibers run longways. When you drag a knife across a face grain board, it severs those fibers. This means that the board will have to be resurfaced more frequently.

When you drag a knife across the end grain, the fibers remain intact. The blade basically just maneuvers around between the fibers, making your cutting board last much, much longer.

This was probably way too long of a post about something nearly no one cares about, but i thought it was worth sharing.

Anyway, whether its on a face grain board, or an end grain board, make delicious foods and don't cutting yourself in the process.

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